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April 2001, Volume 2, Issue 1

Carrington Logging and Sawmill Sculptures

Raymond Carrington sculpture

© Copyright 2001. Raymond C. Carrington

In 1994, UC College of Natural Resources was given a unique, 45-piece collection of sculptures made from bits and pieces of old logging equipment, railroads, and sawmills. The man who made them is Raymond Carrington. Ray received his BS in Forestry from Cal in 1953. After a stint as an intelligence officer at Travis Air Force Base he worked in forest industry for a few years. For most of his career he taught advanced mathematics at Vacaville High School in California. He owned and operated his own TV news service, fitting cameras to aircraft, and filming and taping news for stations in San Francisco and Sacramento. In his spare time over the past 35 years he has developed his skill in sculpture. His pieces have been commis-sioned by Fruit Growers Supply Co. and others have been shown and sold at galle-ries throughout the U.S. and Europe. The Berkeley collection was shown at the World Forestry Center in Portland. In 1999 Ray formed, and became President of, the Carrington Foundation for Public Art, which has a collection of over 300 pieces and donates sculptures to qualified agen-cies. Currently, he is in the process of donating some to the USFS PSW Regional Office and to the US Air Force. These vary from quite small to weighing upwards of three tons. As seen here, they can be whimsical, evo-cative, and fanciful. Two pieces can be seen on the Center for Forestry's web site at http://www.cnr.berkeley.edu/forestry/carrington.html. Ray also has his own website at http://www.carringtonfoundation.net.

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