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Horace M. Albright Lectureship in Conservation

  1. Horace M. Albright. 1961. Great American Conservationists.
  2. Marston Bates. 1962. The Human Environment.
  3. Stewart L. Udall. 1963. The Conservation Challenge of the Sixties.
  4. E. Max Nicholson. 1964. Conservation and the Next Renaissance.
  5. Harold G. Wilm. 1965. Patterns for Action: Water and Recreation Resources.
  6. Stephen H. Spurr. 1966. Wilderness Management.
  7. Russell F. Train. 1967. The Role of Foundations and Universities in Conservation.
  8. Ian McTaggart Cowan. 1968. Wilderness-Concept, Function, and Management.
  9. Ian McHarg. 1969. Multiply and Subdue the Earth.
  10. Rene Dubos. 1970. The Genius of the Place.
  11. Joseph L. Fisher. 1971. Conservation as Research, Policy, and Action.
  12. William T. Pecora. 1972. Geologic Base Line for Conservation Philosophy.
  13. Barry Commoner. 1973. Ecology and Social Action.
  14. Kai Curry-Lindahl. 1974. The Global Role of National Parks for the World of Tomorrow.
  15. Ansel Adams. 1975. The Role of the artist in Conservation.
  16. Raymond F. Dasmann. 1976. The Threatened World of Nature.
  17. Joseph L. Sax. 1978. Recreation Policy on the Federal Lands.
  18. Kenneth F.S. King. 1979. The Utilization of Land in Developing Economies.
  19. Robert Cahn. 1980. The Conservation Challenge of the Eighties.
  20. John R. McGuire. 1981. The Outlook for the National Forests.
  21. Thomas L. Kimball. 1981. Wildlife: The Real Test of Environmental Quality.
  22. David Brower. 1982. Conservation and National Security.
  23. Hazel Henderson. 1982. Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: The Politics and Ethics of the Solar Age.
  24. Michael Frome. 1984. The Twentieth Anniversary of the Wilderness Act: Still in Pursuit of the Promised Land.
  25. Ellis B. Cowling. 1985. Pollutants in the Air and Acids in the Rain: Influences on our Natural Environment and a Challenge for Every Industrial Society.
  26. Norman Myers. 1986. Tackling Mass Extinction of Species: A Great Creative Challenge.
  27. Marion Clawson. 1987. Achieving Agreement on Natural Resource Use.
  28. Esther Gulick, Catherine Kerr, and Sylvia McLaughlin. 1988. Saving San Francisco Bay: Past, Present, and Future.
  29. Henry J. Vaux. 1989. California Wildland Conservation: Unities and Conflicts.
  30. Anne H. Ehrlich and Paul R. Ehrlich. 1991. Peace Will Give Us a Chance.
  31. Jack Ward Thomas. 1992. Forest Management Approaches on the Public's Lands: Turmoil and Transition.
  32. Susanna Hecht. 1993. Of Fates, Forests and Futures: Myths, Epistemes, and Policy in Tropical Conservation.
  33. Thadis W. Box. 1994. Private Property Rights and Sustainable Rangeland Use.
  34. Carl Pope. 2000. Common Ground in the New Millennium.
  35. Mike Dombeck. 2001. The BIG TEN Public Land Conservation Challenges For a New Century: Where do we go from here?

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